Bikini Waxing

With most of today’s hottest bikini styles also being among the smallest styles, bikini waxing has become even more commonplace and sometimes necessary depending on the particular cut.  There are a few different variations of bikini waxing, and the difference between how much hair is removed can be pretty significant.  Let’s go over a few of the basics.

A standard or basic bikini wax, also sometimes called an American bikini wax, generally just cleans up the area outside the panty line area.  This is a perfect procedure to start with if it is your first time getting waxed, and it’s also great for full cut bikini bottoms, as well as the trendy boy short bottoms.

A full bikini wax takes the basic bikini wax one step further.  The hair growing along the bikini lines is removed further in for narrower bikini cuts.  Some of the hair growing at the top, below the navel, is also removed leaving a smaller, more defined triangle area.  This is also a great option if you want to start waxing but you are a little shy about removing all of your hair.

A French bikini wax takes the full bikini wax one step further by removing all hair from the front leading up to but not including the back.  This style will leave you feeling almost completely hairless without removing anything from the backside.  Often times, a small “landing strip” is left at the top in front.

A Brazilian bikini wax takes away all hair from the front and the back.  And yes, that means from your bum, too.  A Brazilian wax is necessary for most of today’s thong bikinis, and even some swimsuits offering a little more coverage such as the classic Brazilian backed bikini.

These are the basic services offered, but they can vary by salon or spa.  Before you go for your first bikini waxing procedure, be sure to call ahead to verify which services they offer.